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Successful Launch of Intelligent Detection Robot Jointly Developed by Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shougang Automated Information Technology

Release Time:2021-02-10 12:30:48

In order to improve detection efficiency and smart manufacturing level, Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shougang Automated Information Technology Co., Ltd. have jointly promoted and developed a smart detection and processing robot. Recently, this robot was launched. 

Given production requirements for high-end products, Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd. organized Beijing Shougang Automated Information Technology Co., Ltd. to investigate and analyze full-process manufacturing. Both companies co-founded a smart detection management project R&D team to organize the optimization of management methods, strengthen process management and control, realize fine management, and provide customized and professional automation solutions, to make production lines smarter to the greatest possible extent and build the first smart detection and processing robotic production line laboratory in China. 

The smart detection and processing robot production line consists of four function parts (sorting, cutting, finishing, and stretching) and nine function systems (sequential control chain for equipment, intellectual scheduling for sample processing, allocation and tracking of sample tasks, device status diagnosis and alarming, issuance of system rules, analysis and sorting of data, monitoring of environmental indicators, safety chain monitoring, and historical inquiry of material samples). The R&D team has earnestly and carefully designed each segment, from project research, project approval, project design, equipment optimization, systematic construction to equipment installation and debugging. In addition, the R&D team has considered all details, including equipment type, functional requirement, detail design, location, incoming sequence, site safety management, and pandemic control & prevention, and gradually improved and put equipment functions into service. 

Without successful cases for reference at the initial stage of process design for the production line, the R&D team worked very hard to address difficulties and bottlenecks. It is challenging to achieve the sorting robot function in smart detection and processing robotic production lines. After the continuous design, estimation, preview and improvement, the project team eventually determined the best solution. They designed head fixtures based on the different sizes of sample plates, controlled suckers in groups based on the different estimated values of sample plates, and took a series of actions to ensure the stability of sucking templates. 

The full-specification, fully automated, and fully process tracing production line integrates identification, sorting, processing, detection, and other links, so that quality inspectors only need make one-click operations from the operation room to efficiently obtain professional customized samples and correct data. This system enables information exchange between PES system and LIMIS system, achieves level-1 PLC chain control and level-2 scheduling coordination for multiple sample processing devices, takes a leading position in the industry, and thus is a cutting-edge smart industrial product in the domestic quality inspection industry. 

The application of this production line greatly shortens the product design and development period, reduces labor and comprehensive costs, improves production efficiency, product quality and work environment, provides multiple guarantees for work safety, and contributes to a higher automation level of the Chinese manufacturing industry. 

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